The Reality Way of Adidam

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At heart, everyone yearns for a Truth that transcends the mortal suffering of life. Everyone intuits, in one way or another, that such Truth exists. Adidam is, fundamentally, and always, the mysterious and Transformative relationship to Adi Da Samraj. He is the One who has demonstrated and communicated the means whereby living beings can participate in the egoless Reality that is Truth.

This book is written for those who are moved to learn about the way of life Adi Da Samraj has given to all who would enter into the Divine Process that outshines all seeking.

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Verschijningsdatum: 01-03-2019
Uitgever: The Dawn Horse Press
Isbn: 9781570972829
Uitvoering: Ingenaaid boek
Gewicht: 426 gr
Hoogte: 165 mm
Breedte: 155 mm
Dikte: 20 mm
Taal: Engels