Dice for Change

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Random acts of kindness have been shown to increase everything from self-esteem to happiness level. At the same time, the paradox of choice is known to increase our cognitive load to a degree that makes us frustrated and, ultimately, dissatisfied. So how do we reap the benefits of acts of kindness without straining our brains at the myriad possibilities?
Get your hands on Dice for Change - a wonderful designer set of dice featuring pictograms that help us choose a good deed for the day.

The dice come in three varieties: Kindness (with acts like smiling, paying a compliment and other 'do good to others' options), Wellness (with prompts to take the stairs, have a good laugh, slow down, and more 'do good to yourself' assignments), and Eco (tapping into your green conscience with reminders to separate your trash, unplug devices on stand-by, get reusable shopping bags and more 'do good to nature' tips).

The galactically lucrative world of self-help has always had one major weakness: it requires you to read self-help books. For a more enjoyable (and less time-consuming) path to enlightenment, look to Dice for Change. Think of it as behaviour modification therapy without the pricey shrinks and the Deepak Chopra.
Dice for Change is a project by Creative Heroes Sander Huiberts, Richard van Tol

* Forget Deepak Chopra, here is Dice for Change
* Wonderfully produced and packaged set of Dice
* Help to do a good deed everyday

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Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
Isbn: 9789063692780
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