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Typeface memory game
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This very attractively finished typographic memory game includes 25 variations of the letter 'A', each in a different letter type. Players attempt to find the matching A's in the same letter type. The player who has the highest number of matching letters wins the game.

Typographic information about the letter is included on the card, and a separate folder provides a general history of the typography. This is an enjoyable and instructive game for graphic designers and anyone who is fascinated by letter types.

As you play, you increasingly recognize what are often very subtle differences between the letters and more about the details of the letter types. They become progressively easier to recognize and distinguish from one another (even Univers and Helvetica!) Among the letter types included in the game are Akzidenz Grotesk, Baskerville, Centaur, Garamond, Helvetica Rockwell, Times New Roman, Univers and many more.

The game was assembled and designed by the Brazilian design studio, ps.2 arquitetura + design.

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Verschijningsdatum: 01-09-2010
Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
Isbn: 9789063692216
Uitvoering: Spel
Gewicht: 251 gr
Hoogte: 130 mm
Breedte: 90 mm
Dikte: 52 mm
Taal: Engels