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On 14 May 2019, two-star chef Bart De Pooter turned 51. He also celebrated the 25th anniversary of his top restaurant Pastorale in his native village Reet. In this book, this pioneer of the gastronomic vegetable menu, one of Pastorale's trademarks since the beginning, pays homage to the adventures and culinary discoveries that have shaped his culinary biotope over the years.

Illustrated with the mesmerizing photography of Kris Vlegels and larded with Bart's kitchen secrets, this book is indispensable for every lover of refined gastronomy. A true journey of discovery full of passion, technology and experiment.

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Verschijningsdatum: 12-07-2019
Uitgever: Lannoo
Isbn: 9789401462655
Uitvoering: Gebonden boek
Aantal pagina's : 256
Taal: Engels