The divergent and convergent thinking book

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Creativity research shows that dividing thinking into divergent and convergent forms improves and increases idea production; this leads to unexpected thoughts and original solutions. Divergent thinking is used to generate ideas; convergent thinking helps in selecting the best ideas.

The concept of divergent and convergent thinking is so integral to the creative process and innovative thinking that it is known as 'the heartbeat of creativity'. It is the underlying rhythm of creative thinking. This book is an introduction to divergent and convergent thinking and includes guidelines to enhance innovative thinking, as well as hands-on exercises to strengthen creativity.

The concept of the book is supported by its triangular shape, illustrating divergent and convergent thinking: the top half of the book communicates divergent thinking, while the bottom half communicates convergent thinking. This principle remains the same throughout the book.

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Verschijningsdatum: 24-10-2016
Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
Isbn: 9789063694395
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