Somethink completely different

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100+ funny, inspirational and thoughtprovoking one-liners
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Somethink completely different is about playing with words differently, making you smile differently, textually inspiring you differently and inviting you to contemplate things in a slightly different way. Text artist Mwah has created his own distinctive signature by getting to the core of situations and emotions and turning them into creative and witty one-liners that are recognizable, yet fresh at the same time.

"They should have never passed Murphy's Law."
"All that copying really imitates me."
"Distance, it's something between you and me."
"Waking up early sounds pretty alarming to me."
"Even if you can't spell history, you can write it".

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Verschijningsdatum: 22-12-2014
Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
Isbn: 9789063693749
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