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The Style Thesaurus

A definitive, gender-neutral guide to the meaning of style and an essential wardrobe companion for all fashion lovers

EAN (ISBN):  9781529421873
Publicatiedatum:   15-11-2023
Uitvoering:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
Bladzijden:  304

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At once a lexicon of fashion and a style guide, The Style Thesaurus is the essential wardrobe companion for all fashion lovers. Style can be used to fit in or to stand out, to send different messages and, with the right knowledge, it can also be adjusted according to mood or occasion. The Style Thesaurus examines a wide range of looks, investigates their roots in history and culture, and shows how they can be curated or combined. Organized into groups reflecting the origins of the style - Utility, Music & Dance, Leisure etc - and fully illustrated, each entry includes examples, near synonymous styles, styling details, pairings and colour story. Entries include everything from Neo-Victoriana, Dandy and Rockabilly to Normcore, Modest or Afrofuturist.

    EAN (ISBN): 9781529421873
    Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
    Publicatiedatum:   15-11-2023
    Uitvoering: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 245 mm
    Breedte: 165 mm
    Dikte: 33 mm
    Gewicht: 965 gr
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    Bladzijden: 304