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The Meaningful Modern Home

Soulful Architecture and Interiors

EAN (ISBN):  9781580936231
Publicatiedatum:   19-09-2023
Uitvoering:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels

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A collection of nine contemporary homes by architect Celeste Robbins, who imbues her modern designs with warmth and emotion

Celeste Robbins is the principal of Robbins Architecture, a Chicago-based architectural firm specializing in residential work. The firm’s projects have been featured in numerous publications such as Architectural Digest and Luxe Interiors + Design and have garnered several AIA awards, the Sub-Zero Kitchen Design Contest, and Luxe Red Award. A graduate of Cornell University, her work has become known for its modern livability, warmth, and timeless beauty.

Jacqueline Terrebonne serves as the editor in chief of Galerie magazine. She has also held editorial roles at Architectural Digest and Gourmet, and has written five books on design and architecture.

    EAN (ISBN): 9781580936231
    Uitgever: Phaidon Press B.V.
    Publicatiedatum:   19-09-2023
    Uitvoering: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 304 mm
    Breedte: 262 mm
    Dikte: 30 mm
    Gewicht: 1850 gr
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