The Watch Book

Compendium - Revised Edition

EAN (ISBN):  9783961715022
Publicatiedatum:   28-08-2023
Uitvoering:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
Bladzijden:  536

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-De succesvolle serie "The Watch Book", met meer dan 100.000 verkochte exemplaren, gaat verder met de herziene nieuwe editie: "The Watch Book - Volumes 1 en 2 in één koffietafelboek". -Van de bestverkopende auteur van de teNeues Rolex-edities - Gisbert L. Brunner. Dit fotoboek The Watch Book, Compendium, revised edition is het standaardwerk over 's werelds meest toonaangevende horlogemerken en is een horloge-ervaring als nooit tevoren! Een absolute must-have voor horlogeliefhebbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Languages: German, English, French The definitive guide to the world's most important watch brands Revised edition: 2 books in one volume A must-have for all watch collectors and enthusiasts. For all chronograph fans, collectors, and watch enthusiasts, we present the magnificent and completely revised edition of "The Watch Book." This comprehensive coffee table book replaces the former "The Watch Book Compendium" and combines "The Watch Book I" and "The Watch Book II." As always, acclaimed author Gisbert L. Brunner shines with his extensive expertise, bringing readers closer to the history of the wristwatch with over 1,000 high-resolution photographs. With over 40 brands featured, hardly any other photo book brings together more premium watch brands under one roof. The predecessors of "The Watch Book Revised Edition" have long been considered standard works among experts. No other photo book captures a wider range of exquisite timepieces. The author showcases luxury timepieces not only in frontal and side views, as many catalogs do. Readers often get a direct view of the intricate mechanics of these small masterpieces of extraordinary craftsmanship. The presentation of perfected technology couldn't be more beautiful and artistic. Gisbert invites the interested reader on a journey through the world of watches, starting from the earliest beginnings of watchmaking and guiding them step by step into the modern era. Even today, premium watches remain a symbol of style, taste, and status. The presentation of exquisite materials, stunning designs, and insights into intricate technology captivate true watch enthusiasts, making "The Watch Book Revised Edition" a perfect gift.

    EAN (ISBN): 9783961715022
    Uitgever: Persell Trading
    Publicatiedatum:   28-08-2023
    Uitvoering: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 323 mm
    Breedte: 252 mm
    Dikte: 40 mm
    Gewicht: 3268 gr
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    Bladzijden: 536