Chironomidae Larvae Volume 3

Biology and Ecology of the aquatic Orthocladiinae

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Publicatiedatum:   06-09-2016
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Chironomids are a group of non-biting midges, the larvae of which are important in aquatic ecosystems. The subfamily Orthocladiinae is well represented in flowing water. This books contains information about their life cycle, feeding behaviour and their response to environmental factors. Presents a wealth of information for scientific and practical purpose. - Information about the life cycle and feeding behaviour of the larvae and their response to environmental factors such as oxygen conditions, current velocity and saprobity - Special attention to the interrelations between these factors - General and specific aspects of the systematics, biology and ecology the genera and species - Nomenclature and identification An invaluable tool for aquatic ecologists and water quality management. Volume 1: Chironomidae Larvae - General ecology and Tanypodinae Volume 2: Chironomidae Larvae - Biology and ecology of the Chironomini Volume 3: Chironomidae Larvae - Biology and Ecology of the Aquatic Orthocladiinae Summary in Dutch: Engelstalig standaardwerk over de biologie en ecologie van dansmuggenlarven. Behandelt de subfamilie Orthocladiinae die vooral goed vertegenwoordigd is in stromend water. Aan bod komen o.a. levenscyclus, fourageergedrag en vooral de invloed van diverse milieufactoren en onderlinge wisselwerkingen. Onmisbare informatie voor aquatisch ecologen en waterkwaliteitsbeheerders.

    EAN: 9789050114592
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    Publicatiedatum:   06-09-2016
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