Birth Like a Man

A Field Guide for Future Fathers

EAN:  9789063696412
Publicatiedatum:   02-05-2022
Uitvoering:  Paperback / softback
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Birth Like a Man acts as a field guide for future fathers, helping them to overcome patriarchal gender roles and take a more active role in the process of raising their child. With tips that span from how to cook for someone with morning sickness to creating a birthing plan and tackling those first few days after the hospital, this cheat sheet includes everything you need to know. With this pocket-sized book, you’ll have access to easily digestible tips, tricks, and summaries that will help you become the support system that your partner needs during this exciting new phase in your life. Helping new fathers to become a little less ‘patriarchy’ and a lot more ‘parent’, Birth Like a Man is a must-have for fathers-to-be.

Birth Like a Man is a field guide for future fathers or non-birthing partners.

Having started work as a graphic designer at 17, Pascal Rotteveel is now an award-winning Creative Director, having had previous Executive Creative Director positions at world-renowned companies like VICE. Over the years, he’s developed a keen interest in writing, bringing his early graphic design passion to meet this new interest and giving birth to his first book, Pregnancy Cookbook. Recently, Rotteveel has become a father, with his documentation of this process allowing him to collect insights, tips, tricks, and fresh ideas about what raising a child looks like from a male perspective. From these experiences, he’s created Birth Like a Man, which explores what fatherhood means in the modern era and attempts to dismantle the gender stereotypes that surround pregnancy. Currently, he is the Creative Director at Jam3, a famous Innovation and Experience agency based in the Netherlands.

Birth Like a Man is a field guide for future fathers or non-birthing partners. This pocket-sized book is filled with tips, reminders and summaries to help you support your partner’s pregnancy process; from helping with morning sickness, setting up a birth plan, going out for the first time or changing diapers. See this book as the cheat-sheet to your parenting and partner exam, but unlike any other school exam, the parenting-school-year hasn’t even begun. This book is for everyone who thinks they have a more active, supportive role to play in the delivery of their child than those millennia old stereotypical gender roles teach us. It is a short, snappy and easily navigable guide to make being a true parenting partner just a little bit easier."

    EAN: 9789063696412
    Uitgever: BIS Publishers BV
    Publicatiedatum:   02-05-2022
    Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
    Taal: Engels
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