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Tokyo Tokyo

Engels | 13-02-2024 | 256 pagina's



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After his bestselling book New York New York, Richard Koek embarks on a new adventure. This time the city of Greater Tokyo. With over 40 million citizens, twice as many as New York City, Tokyo could not be contained in a typical photography book, Koek realized. He investigates the balance between the amazing aesthetics of traditional Japan, such as the kimono, the sakura (cherry blossom), and the sumo wrestler, and the beauty of citizens living everyday life. Koek shows us that these patterns of urban life are universal.


"Richard Koek’s beautiful photography captures the multifaceted beauty of Tokyo. Past and present. Fantasy and reality. An unknown world, even to a longtime resident like me."
- Takahashi Hiroko - Artist and designer

"Richard Koek knows Japan intimately, but is nevertheless attuned to the curious, or indeed the routine, in ways that a local observer might miss. This book is the whole world of the Japanese capital, inhabited by people of every possible type."
- Timon Screech - Professor International Research Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto


Zeldzaam fotoportret van Japans veranderlijke hoofdstad


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