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The Sketchbooks

Engels | 06-12-2022 | 168 pagina's



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Tatyana Galtseva was born in Kemerovo (Siberia) in 1967 and has lived in Antwerp, Belgium, since 2000. Besides her daily work at the Heritage Library Hendrik Conscience, she took several courses (ceramics, painting) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berchem. Since her studies at the Academy, Tatyana has been working as an independent artist in her own studio. An important source of inspiration in her search for her own forms and her own style and colour palette is the art theory of the founder of abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky. Tatyana aims to create associative series, also leaving the viewer the possibility for their own associations. In which a link is established between visual perception, consciousness and thought (by analogy with psycholinguistics, which assumes a link between language, thought and consciousness) and in which geometric and lyrical forms are harmoniously united.


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Publicatiedatum :  06-12-2022
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